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NHS Survey - Taking your medication when you go to hospital


The NHS in Greater Manchester is looking at how the region’s hospital pharmacies can deliver better, more efficient services. They are keen to hear the views of local people and have asked us to help to collect these.
As part of this, the hospital pharmacy teams are planning a campaign to encourage patients to bring their own medicines into hospital with them when they are admitted - whether it’s planned (e.g. for an operation) or unplanned (e.g. as an emergency).
It has been estimated that approximately £300 million of NHS prescribed medicines are wasted each year. This figure includes £90 million worth of unused prescription medicines stored in individuals’ homes at any one time and £110 million returned to community pharmacies. The focus of the campaign is to reduce this waste so that staffing and financial resources are used more efficiently.
Currently, the NHS are developing plans and draft materials for this Greater Manchester-wide campaign.

You can help them test out the information by answering the questions in the attached questionnaire, whilst looking at the attached 3 posters when asked to do so in the questionnaire.

Please could you email your completed questionnaires by 10 am on Wednesday 15th February to annette.cloherty@nhs.net

Following this, they will collate and consider all of the feedback received and develop a campaign that works across Greater Manchester. The information received will be anonymised and only used for the purpose of the development of this campaign.







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